He is 30 and just got out of jail after 12 years of detention. She is almost 24 and has a simple life away from the city. One day, he comes to her and she let him stay with her. That's complicated when your older brother needs to get back to a normal life. Between tenderness and bursts of laughter, his anger is sometimes out of control. However, she wants to help him. As for him, he wants to meets with his sister again.

  1. 1相伴库里申科 9.0分
  2. 2超狗任务 9.0分
  3. 3灰姑娘职场记 9.0分
  4. 4再见,在也不见 9.0分
  5. 5圣诞老人3 9.0分
  6. 6荒野生存 9.0分
  7. 7赖家王老五 9.0分
  8. 8日落大道 9.0分
  9. 9爱国者游戏 9.0分
  10. 10六世古宅 9.0分